The original UNmanual was created and produced with the goal of explaining why your DSLR camera does what it does… in plain English!  It filtered and organized the technical jargon from manuals and textbooks so that beginning photographers could understand what they really needed to know when learning to shoot in manual.  The original UNmanual was for beginning photographers that wanted to take control of their cameras.  It covered what settings I shoot on and why, and how to shoot in manual while properly exposing an image.  It covered lighting and how to create ideal lighting situations and it was filled with pictures and examples.

Well after three years and over 1ooo UNmanuals sold worldwide I am extremely proud to introduce the UNmanual2.  The UNmanual2 reviews all of the basics from the original UNmanual, so if you did not purchase the original UNmanual don’t worry.  The UNmanual2’s lesson based structure will ensure that you too become a master of DSLR manual shooting.  If you did purchase the original UNmanual, the basics of DSLR manual shooting will be a nice review, but I’ve also added a lot of content for those of you who have mastered the basics and are looking to take your photography to the next level.

Whether you are a mom trying to up your family historian game or an emerging professional trying to master your craft, the 13 videos in the UNmanual2 will let you see how I interact with my kids, shoot around messes and lighting obstacles, set up and adjust my settings, and so much more.  And while the videos are one of the biggest additions to the UNmanual 2, the UNmanual 2 also builds off the original with lessons about interacting with your children so that you may beautifully capture the story of their lives.

The UNmanual2 is priced at $149 and the format is a lesson-based WordPress e-course. I am a Canon shooter, so the information in the guide is geared towards those with Canon cameras.  I did my best to include the comparable settings for Nikon shooters. Once purchased, you will be emailed a link with your unique username and password. Your individual WordPress site will track your progress throughout the UNmanual2 e-course so that you can easily see what topics you’ve completed and where you’ve left off. A huge advantage of this format is your ability to ask questions or leave comments in the comments section which will be moderated frequently.  There is no print version of the UNmanual2 and the print version of the original UNmanual has been discontinued.

I’m very excited about the UNmanual2 and hope that it helps you gain the confidence you need to take control of your camera.

To purchase the UNmanual2 press the green “Take This Course” button below!

Purchase both the UNmanual2 and UNediting Guides for a bundle price of $249.  That’s $50 off.  

The UNmanual is on sale for $75 until Friday 11/27 at midnight PST.  Login information will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

*** Due to the instant access of this product there will be no refunds issued.  The UNmanual2 is not for professional photographers who have their own workshops, online courses, or photography guides.  None of the information in the UNmanual2 may be used or replicated without written consent from Drew Bittel.  The UNmanual2 is for the exclusive use of the purchaser and is not to be shared or used by multiple users.  All materials in the UNmanual2 is copyrighted under DrewB Photography, LLC.  



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